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Backup Database Users

To export selected users daily, you can do it very easily backup.bat  expdp system/password parfile=dailybackup.ora   dailybackup.ora DIRECTORY=dailybackup reuse_dumpfiles=y LOGFILE=Daily.log DUMPFILE=Daily%u.dmp Schemas = scott,hr,system FILESIZE=5gb   Advertisements

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How to synchronize windows folder

In have two fodders i.e. source and target. In this demo it is explained that all files from source folder should be copied or update the target folder. As show in the picture I have created some files in source … Continue reading

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How to change the file extension using cmd script

To change the files extension in once using script its very easy. I need to change the multiple files extension , it was difficult to change one by one. So I created a script to change at once and reuse … Continue reading

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Upload data using sql loader

Make a batch file suppose load_data.bat –content of the file is –you keep the batch and controlfile in the same folder where the datafiles are there. –This script will upload all data files within the same folder whatever fortmat they … Continue reading

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Oracle EBS 11i Installation logs

Oracle Applications Rapid Install Wizard Install log >> Using Rapid Wizard Version : >> Install session started : Thu Apr 24 08:52:41 EDT 2014 >> Rapid Wizard source location : /u01/Stage/Stage11i/startCD/Disk1/rapidwiz >> Command Line arguments for this execution : … Continue reading

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Create Database Manually

Create database Manually in a few steps 1- Create Pfile [oracle@11gdb02 dbs]$ cat initorcl.ora db_name=’orcl’ compatible=’11.2.0′ diagnostic_dest=’/u02/app’ audit_file_dest=’/u02/app/diag/adump’ sga_target=300M processes=100 undo_tablespace=’UNDOTBS1′ control_files=(‘/u02/app/orcl/control01.ctl’) 2- Create Password file [oracle@11gdb02 dbs]$orapwd file=$ORACLE_HOME/dbs/orapworcl password=oracle entries=10 3- Create Database Script [oracle@11gdb02 dbs]$ cat create_orcl.sql create … Continue reading

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Fragmentation in table

Deleted records not freeing up space   We have deleted records from big tables in database. But each table still holds the same blocks and extents. It means they have not released the space logically. How to use this space. … Continue reading

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