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Rman restore problem

I took rman backup from RAC server to restore to another (new) RAC server. I faced some problem while restoring database. Steps are follows RMAN> restore database; Starting restore at 30-OCT-12 using target database control file instead of recovery catalog … Continue reading

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vipca error

Vipca is not opening new configuration window and is giving error [root@node1 bin]# ./vipca Error 0(Native: listNetInterfaces:[3]) [Error 0(Native: listNetInterfaces:[3])]   To resolve this issue Perform two steps [root@node1 bin]# ./oifcfg setif -global bond0/ [root@node1 bin]# ./oifcfg setif -global eth2/ … Continue reading

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How to Check/Validate That RMAN Backups Are Good

I Want to restore and recover the database till time ‘9:00, 22-October-2012 Step 1: The below command just gives the report of backups that are used to do the ┬árestore and recover : RMAN> run { set until time “to_date(‘2012-22-10:9:00:00′,’yyyy-dd-mm:hh24:mi:ss’)”; … Continue reading

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Database SCN number some time is very important 1) particularly when you are doing rman recovery 2) Filling gaps of archive logs between primary server and Physical standby server. Below SQL queries will give SCN for particular date and date … Continue reading

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Rman backup from production and restore in test machine

We want to make a test database from production database. And our production database is on ASM and our test machine was linux file sysetm. see the steps how we restored it. 1) Start the test database in nomount mode … Continue reading

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delete expired archive logs

If archive logs are deleted by OS level, these archive logs information will be still in controlfile. So to remove these information from controlfile, you need to crosscheck archive logs and then execute delete expired archive logs. Note: this command … Continue reading

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RMAN BACKUP SCRIPT rman backup script which I have scheduled on Oracle RAC of node1 and is working perfectly. backup is taking in compressed mode and after completing the backup will re-schedule for next day and next command will load … Continue reading

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