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RMAN Backup On Remote Machine Disk On Windows

Objective How to take backups on shared disk of another machine on windows machine.. Steps are following Follow the below steps to take backups on remote disk : + Suppose I have a target database on Machine A and the remote … Continue reading

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Find a session which are generating more archive logs

To find sessions generating lots of redo, you can use either of the following methods. Both methods examine the amount of undo generated. When a transaction generates undo, it will automatically generate redo as well. The methods are: 1) Query … Continue reading

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  ROBLEM: ARCHIVE process get hang on Primary Database ——– The problem has been that the standby hardware have some faulty backpane. This has caused processes in the standby to go into what is called as “D” state where the … Continue reading

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Stop and Start Recover managed Standby Database

  To start Redo Apply in the foreground, issue the following SQL statement: SQL> ALTER DATABASE RECOVER MANAGED STANDBY DATABASE;   To start Redo Apply in the background, include the DISCONNECT keyword on the SQL statement   SQL> ALTER DATABASE … Continue reading

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