How to configure Shared server mode

Shared memory resources are preconfigured to allow the enabling of shared server at run time. You need not configure it by specifying parameters in your initialization parameter file, but you can do so if that better suits your environment.

Steps are
Below are the init parameters needs to change ?
1- alter system set shared_servers=5;

 SQL>alter system set max_dispatchers=10 scope=spfile;;
 SQL>alter system set shared_server_sessions=5 scope=spfile;;
 SQL>alter system set circuits=300 scope=spfile;;
SQL>alter system set dispatchers="(protocol=TCP)(dispatchers=3)(connections=100)" scope=spfile;

client tnsfile should be like

Bounce the Database
To confirm shared server connection use below SQL query

SELECT name, status, messages,idle,busy,bytes,breakes from v$dispatcher;
select username,server from v$session;

———-to check shared server are idle or bussy query using——-

select name, dispatchers, substr(service,1,20) service, idle, busy
from v$dispatcher,v$dispatcher_config
where v$dispatcher.conf_indx = 
v$dispatcher_config.conf_indx ;



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