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Oracle Fusion Middleware Configuration Files

  Configuration files and their default locations. This section also includes samples of the default configuration files that are installed on the system. Some default values such as locations and paths may vary. Section C.1, “Locations of Forms Configuration Files” … Continue reading

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Report server configuration for Single Sign on

Report server configuration for Single Sign on     Default setting       File path is D:\oracle\OraHome_1\reports\conf\rep_servername_oraclehome   <security id=”rwSec” class=”oracle.reports.server.RWSecurity”> <!–property name=”securityUserid” value=”%PORTAL_DB_USERNAME%/%PORTAL_DB_PASSWORD%@%PORTAL_DB_TNSNAME%” confidential=”yes” encrypted=”no”/–> <property name=”oidEntity” value=””/> </security> <destination destype=”oraclePortal” class=”oracle.reports.server.DesOraclePortal”> <!–property name=”portalUserid” value=”%PORTAL_DB_USERNAME%/%PORTAL_DB_PASSWORD%@%PORTAL_DB_TNSNAME%” confidential=”yes” encrypted=”no”/–> </destination> … Continue reading

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How to disable and enable archive log in Oracle RAC

This document describes how to enable and disable archive log in Oracle RAC database. ENABLE ARCHIVE LOG MODE IN RAC. Step1: stop database instance on node1 using sqlplus. [oracle@rac-node1 bin]# sqlplus /nolog SQL> select instance_name from v$instance; TEST1 SQL> shutdown … Continue reading

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How to configure Shared server mode

Shared memory resources are preconfigured to allow the enabling of shared server at run time. You need not configure it by specifying parameters in your initialization parameter file, but you can do so if that better suits your environment. Steps … Continue reading

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Apply patch on EBS 11i

How to apply patch on EBS 11i This document is well explained regarding how to apply patch on EBS 11i. The following are the step by step document 1- Stop the application using applmgr user 2- run the environment file. … Continue reading

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How to set IDLE TIME in oracle Database

1- connect as sysdba user   SQL> conn /as sysdba SQL> sho parameter resource_limit NAME                                 TYPE        VALUE ———————————— ———– —————————— resource_limit                       boolean     FALSE   2- Change the resource parameter to true   SQL> alter system set resource_limit=TRUE scope=both; System altered. … Continue reading

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Start/Stop EBS services

How to  start/Stop EBS services Steps are 1- Start DB Listener /u02/app/visdb/9.2.0/appsutil/scripts/VIS_app1/ start/stop VIS 2- Start start DB /u02/app/visdb/9.2.0/appsutil/scripts/VIS_app1/ stop/start 3- start apps sh /u02/app/viscomn/admin/scripts/VIS_app1/ applmgr/oracle 4- Stop apps sh /u02/app/viscomn/admin/scripts/VIS_app1/ applmgr/oracle  How to Start EBS services with details   1-Start … Continue reading

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