FRM-92120: Registry file missing


When attempting to run the form :



FRM-92130 Registry is either missing, or contains invalid, entry for Dispatcher.
Full Details: FRM-92030: Internal Error: Failed to find name of class for handlerClassId=1.
Missing in registry?


The file Registry.dat file has not been accessed by the client machine.This is because the JRE does not find the proper proxy / firewall through which the client is authenticated to access the files from the application server.

The possible reason could be an extra linefeed character, spaces and / or other special characters in the IE browser proxy settings can cause this error.
As other clients access it fine, this file is not the problem, but rather there is a problem for this particular client to reach it: the proxy settings it uses may not be set correctly.
1) Open the Java control panel through "Start-->Settings-->Control Panel--> Java
2) From the General tab click on the Network Settings button
3) Uncheck "Use Browser Settings"
4) Enter the proxy details
5) Apply changes
Change the following setting from: 

In IE -> Tools->Connections-> Lan settings-> Exceptions
On NS -> Edit -> Preferences -> Advanced -> Proxies -> No proxy for 





This removes the line feed / special characters that were causing the error.
Correct the proxy settings used: 

If not using the browser settings then ensure 
they are correct in the JVM used ( eg JInitiator or Java plug-in ).

Ref: FRM-92120 Registry.dat Missing Occurs While Starting a Form or FRM-92130 [ID 421229.1]



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